about Kabir

A lifelong practitioner of Pathfinding the Way Less Traveled, Kabir Kadre places in his service to life, his deepest embodied prayer and most sincere efforts towards the fruition of realizing an integral, ethical, and practical expression of impact in the world.

With background in philosophy, spirituality, psychology, evolutionary development, systems thinking, and lived experience of resilience and perseverance with heart, Kabir leverages a renaissance view of life, the universe, and everything towards locally inspired and globally contextualized strategic initiatives in service to the evolution of life and well-being for all.

Kabir is available for private professional coaching and consultation for individuals, groups, and organizations, connect to inquire further.


“Kabir has a unique capacity to ‘see you’ at depth in a very open, kind, and loving way— while at the same time offering a perspective that can be penetrating and extremely useful.”

– Ross Hostetter, J.D.

“Kabir is always present to what the moment is saying to us without preconceptions and at the same time is continually bringing cutting edge perspectives to explore what might be new and fresh and possible.”

– John T. Kesler

I have found Kabir to be filled with integrity, insight, love, compassion, introspection, and passion. His wisdom comes from authentic deep personal exploration not just academic study. I believe it is this introspection that leads to the deep felt connection that occurs when in communion with him. 

– Kim Barta
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